I finally reached 500 followers, so in order to thanks all of you I’m doing a little giveaway :3 I decided to give B2ST - Shock Of The New Era album :)

◊ I’ll ship internationally

How to win : 

◊ You must be following me

◊ You can reblog up to 2 times ~

◊ Likes count

◊ The giveaway ends on April 13th. The winner will be pick via ramdom.org

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Enjoy it :3

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Hello Kitty T-ShirtsRed and Blue, School Mascots 

Hello Kitty T-Shirts
Red and Blue, School Mascots 

Lace Heels with Matching Lace Clutch
Shoes- Charles Albert; Clutch- Banana Replublic